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Fuel Water Sensor

Detect water in your fuel


06-5 06-6SP Water Sensor
06-5 Water Sensor

FWS-HH Hand Held Water Detector

Water Sensor Part #06-5 and #06-6SP

The sending unit is dual voltage, 12 or 24 volt DC. The probe is 1/8 "NPT brass threads and stainless steel probe. The probe is also self grounding to insure accurate readings. Self grounding eliminates the need to scrape paint off an area to achieve a "perfect" metal to metal ground.

The probe will detect the difference between fuel and water . If water is in the fuel the indicator light will be on. The module contains a panel that instructs you to open the valve and remove the water. When the water is removed the light will go off.

Based on the resistance, the maximum current that the probe can drive through the fluid, assuming the fluid is conductive is less than 0.00004 amps or 0.04 milli-amps. The maximum voltage on the probe is less than 10 volts. This combination is incapable of producing a spark so the system is quite safe and reliable.

06-5 Water Sensor includes the module with audible alarm, alarm light and power on light.     GET QUOTE

06-6SP Water Sensor includes one additional 10 amp output to operate a PLC, additional alarm or solenoid.  

Hand Held Water Detector Part #FWS-HH

The unit is the same specifications as 06-5 but is designed to be a portable tool that can be taken to tanks to detect water. Works with diesel fuel and gasoline.

Probe is attached to the dipping stick as you hold the control at the top of the tank.

FWS-HH-5FWS-HH-10   Cable length 10 feet  FWS-HH-15   
Cable length 15 feet  GET QUOTE

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