Portable Diesel Fuel Polishing Units
Water Removal, Filter, and Fuel Polishing Systems
Dieselcraft FPS-8 Diesel Fuel Polishing System

For less than 5000 gallon fuel tanks
Continuous duty.
This unit can run 24/7 with no problem.

  • Turns 500 GPH
  • Dimensions - 19.5 x19.5 x 40 tall"
  • 115/230 single phase 1/3hp motor
  • Weight – 150 lbs.
  • 8.3 GPM Heavy Duty and Continuous Duty gear pump
  • Removes over 95% of water and large contamination in fuel
  • Anti-asphaltene fuel conditioning
  • Absolute practical filtration to 10 microns standard
  • Epoxy powder coated
  • 2 each 10 foot suction and discharge hoses included
  • Digital flow meter
  • Water Sensor
  • Semi-pneumatic tires
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    4-in-1 Fuel & Tank Contamination Test Swabs

    4 In 1 Fuel Test Swabs:
  • Water Contamination
  • Rust/Scale in Tank
  • Fuel Oxidation
  • Sludge/Asphaltines

    What's in Your Tank?
    Water Infiltration: Over time, water can accumulate undetected, leading to:
  • Bacterial Growth
  • Mold
  • Yeast
  • Diesel Bugs

  • These appear as sludge coating the bottom and sides of the fuel tank. In extreme cases, bacterial growth that looks like strands of hair begin to accumulate.
    To maintain good "fuel hygiene," you should test your fuel tank often:

  • Make sure your vehicle is parked on a level surface
  • Follow the instructions outlined in the chart below

  • Fuel & Tank Test Chart
    Step 1: Attach swab to extendable probe.
    Step 2: Submerge swab into fuel tank until touches lowest point at bottom of tank. Brush tank bottom several times with swab.
    Step 3: Compare to diesel fuel & tank test charts

    Dieselcraft FPS-15 Portable Hand Carry Diesel Fuel Polishing System

    Portable Water Removal and Fuel Polishing Systems Removes over 99% of the water and large contamination in fuel 10 micron filtration

    13 GPM flow
    12 volts
    Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning System Model FPS-PW

    There is no other tank cleaning system on the market that compares to Dieselcraft. This tank cleaning system is designed with a high pressure high flow pump and uses a tank cleaning spray nozzle that cleans 360° of all inside tanks surfaces by pumping the fuel at high pressure to remove solids from the tanks walls. No cleaning agents needed in most cases.

    Regardless if the tank is above ground in-ground are on board a vehicle this will clean the tank better than any other system available.

  • Transfer Flow Rate 37 GPM
  • Filter Rate 33 GPM
  • Pressure Cleaning Rate 30 GPM @ 75PSI
  • Maximum Tank Diameter 18 Feet
  • Dimensions 37" wide x 45" deep x 41" tall.
  • Particle Filtration to 10 microns standard.
  • Suction and Discharge Hoses Included.
  • 120/220 volt 50-60HZ 1.5 HP
  • Weight 570 lbs.

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