Dieselcraft has over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of centrifuges for the industrial, commercial, agricultural and marine industry.

The new bypass filter from Dieselcraft can protect an engine up to 25 times cheaper than the competition.

How to protect your engine from dangerous contaminants without relying on OEM filters.

12 Benefits we can list for using an oil centrifuge……can you name 1 for using your filter!

  1. Cleaner oil, GUARANTEED.
  2. 30-50% longer oil life.
  3. Longer full-flow filter life.
  4. Longer service intervals.
  5. Reduces engine wear up to 50%.
  6. Long-term preventative maintenance.
  7. Reduced maintenance costs… If you cut oil changes by 33% how much do you save?
  8. Cuts waste disposal costs. A centrifuge is permanent, cleanable and reusable.
  9. Improves your regulatory compliance by protecting the environment.
  10. No media or filter elements to replace.
  11. Reduces total cost of ownership.
  12. Helps ensure clean combustion and fuel efficiency.

Driven by engine oil pressure the centrifuge works by applying centrifugal force on the soot, and pulls it out of the oil based on weight down to less than 2 micron. Where your filter only holds the soot 25 micron and larger from circulating.


About filters and your engine….Let us understand, you have an engine in an application that is mission critical worth  $1 million and you are protecting it with a $25 paper filter year after year?

Let us help you with some mathematics and your Return on Investment.

If your oil change cost you $3,000 each and you do four changes per year  that is $12,000 based on 1,000 hour changes. Now extend oil life to 1500 hours and changes are reduced to 2.6 changes per year or $7,800….you just saved $4200 per year.

For Cummins 6BT/6BTA, KTA and QSK plus CAT 3500

We are waiting for you to contact us and we will show you proof that you can increase oil life…….do not procrastinate, contact us now.

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