TechnolĀ® 246 Fuel Tank Cleaner

TechnolĀ® 246 Fuel Tank Cleaner and Algae Sludge Dispersant that focuses on the filter plugging sludge problem. It is not an additive that is blended to cover a myriad of problems. It has been specifically formulated to remove and eliminate diesel sludge/algae and keep the fuel system clean.

TechnolĀ® 246 Fuel Tank Cleaner breaks up algae sludge. Now in suspension, these small particles can pass harmlessly through filters and nozzles without plugging or doing damage.

Clean fuel will then have lower NOx, carbon monoxide, and particulate emissions. Black smoke from poor combustion is eliminated, biological growth in fuel is retarded, and an increase in fuel economy can be seen.

For the smaller jobs this chemical treatment is the BEST!

Once you know for sure the problem is biological/algae then buy this,