Fuel Testing Made Simple

Diesel Fuel Water Content &
Fuel Clarity Test #

 FT-100 Diesel Fuel Water Content & Fuel Clarity Test

  • Test is designed as a field PASS or FAIL.
  • Test detects water and solid contaminants in diesel fuels.
  • Very simple and immediate
  • If all 5 indicator marks are visible the test PASSES but if the indicator lines   disappear then the fuel FAILS.
  • Failed tests require Fuel Polishing/Maintenance.

See the water detection capsule demo: https://youtu.be/m8AYSciiMCs

Finds Suspended Water in Fuel

  • Added powder will start to settle to the bottom
  • At 15 ppm water will you get a few pink spots in the powder
  • But at 30 ppm water will turn the powder hot pink and the fuel FAILED the test and action must be taken.


    Deluxe package: Clarity, Water and Bacteria/Algae test: