Our new fuel test kits are the first and last line of defense in eliminating diesel fuel issues.

Never assume fuel quality is not an issue.
All our kits are simple to use.
Low Cost.
Detect a fuel problem before you have engine damage.
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DS-1 Test Kit: Tests for Bacteria (Algae) in your fuel.

  • Simply dip the test into the fuel and wait a day.

  • The side detects (ALGAE) BACTERIA in 24 to 36 hrs after exposure
  • One Individual Test per Package.
  • Works in Red and Road Diesel Fuel.
  • NO Spots are Good News. Any Reaction is Bad News.

For annual mandatory generator testing  use the drop down to see our 3 in 1 Test Kit Package. DS-1 Bacteria with FCT-100 Fuel Clarity and Water Content Tests $29.95.

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Diesel Fuel with Gasoline Testing.

  • Did someone make a mistake and put gasoline in the diesels tank and you do not know what to do?
  • To be 100% sure of contamination with gasoline you must send a sample to our lab.
  • https://www.etilab.com/contact-us

Diesel Fuel DEF Test #DEF-1

  • Did someone put DEF in your fuel tank…find out now.

  • Tests for Water or DEF in All Diesel Fuel
  • This is a PASS or FAIL test.
  • Simple and immediate
  • Kit contains one test tube, 10 test strips and 1 transfer pipette

Test Procedure
Remove one test strip from the package
Place the colored end down into the test tube
Add questionable liquid.
DEF will turn BLUE/GREEN in a few seconds.


Diesel Fuel Water and DEF Test

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W-5 Test Kit: Test For Water in the Diesel Fuel

  • Simply remove the capsule and add fuel to the test tube then in seconds you know if water is in the fuel.
  • This is a PASS or FAIL test that is simple and immediate
  • Any detection of suspended water turns pink and the fuel FAILS.
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Diesel Fuel Water Content &
Fuel Clarity Test

FT-100 Diesel Fuel Water Content & Fuel Clarity Test

Fuel that won’t burn can cause engine failure. A fuel test kit provides a quick way to check.

Test One –  shows Fuel Clarity Test.
This is designed as a field PASS or FAIL
You will see water and solid contaminants in diesel fuels
Very simple and immediate
If all 5 indicator marks are visible then the test PASSES but if the indicator lines disappear then the fuel FAILS.
Failed tests require Fuel Polishing/Maintenance.

Test Procedure Two – Suspended Water in Fuel

  • Added powder will start to settle to the bottom
  • 200-500 ppm water will give you pink spots in the powder
  • But at 600+ ppm water will turn the powder hot pink and the fuel FAILED the test and action must be taken.

Diesel Fuel Acid Test #PH-1

Diesel Fuel Acid Test #PH-1
  • Test the pH of the water from your water separator
  • The more acidic the more damage it is doing to your fuel tank
  • It is simple and immediate
  • Kit consists of 1 test tube ,10 test strips and 1 transfer pipette
  • This is NOT a DEF Test.

Test Procedure
Take the water sample using the supplied pipette
Add it to the test tube until the tube is ½ full and then acidic water will show as pink to red, meaning you have a problem.

Dieselcraft can supply your company with a wide range of diesel fuel test kits. From the relatively straightforward DS-1 Test Kit that will check for bacteria in your diesel fuel to the more advanced FCT-100 Diesel Fuel Water Content & Fuel Clarity Test that tests diesel fuel, biodiesel blends, and even heating oil. Because all our tests are easy to use and will provide you with real-time results in 5 minutes or less, anyone can perform the tests. They include all the supplies and instructions you’ll need to look for microbes and water in diesel fuel.

If your company has stored diesel fuel, it’s a good idea to use diesel fuel test kits on it every 90 days to make sure water hasn’t found a way to get into it. You should also get into the habit of using test kits on fuel deliveries to make sure there aren’t microbes and water in diesel fuel before you accept it. It’ll help you avoid a headache later and allow you to steer clear of using diesel fuel that could potentially have bacteria, mold, fungus, or even dangerous asphaltenes in it.

Take a closer look at each of the diesel fuel tests kits available through Dieselcraft here. Contact us at 530-613-2150 on the West Coast, on the Gulf Coast 337-277-5417 or at 772-215-8087 on the East Coast for additional information on dealing with microbes, water, DEF or Gasoline in your diesel fuel.

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