One Micron Cummins KTA 38 Oil Centrifuge
Cummins KTA 38 One Micron Oil Centrifuge

Dieselcraft’s Model CM-38 uses the oil pressure in the lubricating system to spin the centrifuges rotor. The rotor spins to separated the soot and solid contamination form the oil supply, removing it from the flow. Not like a filter that holds it in the flow stream. There is no change in oil flow or oil pressure!

By eliminating the recurring costs and maintenance associated with spin-on filters, we can significantly reduce downtime for filter changes and eliminate the disposal costs of used filter elements. This approach not only improves filtration and reduces component wear, thereby extending overhaul periods, but also allows for longer oil change intervals on the average of 30%

This is a complete plug-and-play package. The supplied mounting plate replaces the existing side plate on the engine and accommodates the CM-38 Direct Mount Centrifuge. To complete the installation, simply “T” into the engine oil supply.

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