Portable Fuel Polishing

Basic Economy Fuel Polishing System for $479

  • 16 GPM 120 Volt Vane Pump
  • Hand Carry Handle
  • 5 Micron Filter
  • Filter Head with Pressure Gauge
  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Hose end suction strainer to protect the pump
  • 20 feet PVC Hose: To be cut by you to fit the job.

14 GPM Portable Diesel Filter System
Model FPSP14-12V. Under $2500

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The Tank Dryer

Add this to mop water up! Simple and easy to use! The Tank Dryer is a fuel tank water absorber, which has been developed in response to the increasing concerns regarding water contamination of fuel.


Get the water out of a small amount of fuel.
Mr. Funnel AF8CB Fuel Filter is the answer.

5.0 out of 5 stars Lifesaver
This thing is great. I had three gas cans tipped over during hurricane Ian, and they all became contaminated. I didn’t know what to do and then searching YouTube. I found this funnel. It worked great! I had no idea. I was worried about what I was going to do with all that contaminated gasoline and I couldn’t use my gas cans in the meantime. This was worth every penny.

5.0 out of 5 stars Gold Standard Review
I personally don’t take the time to write a review of a product unless it meets my Idea of a Gold Standard. This is One of those products. It cannot be easily duplicated. It’s worth it’s weight in Gold and Far surpasses it’s usefulness. If you’ve ever experienced water contaminated fuel in your lawnmower then you will love this product.There is No comparison when you’ve got to get the water out of the fuel , this is it. I purchased this product so I would never have that problem again. Look no further , this is the answer.

STA-BIL (22254) Diesel Fuel Stabilizer And Performance Improver – Keeps Diesel Fuel Fresh For Up To 12 Months


BIOBOR JF Diesel Fuel Additive: Highly Effective Fuel Biocide Supplement, Prevents Corrosion of Fuel Tanks


For BLACK DIESEL and WVO we are the experts

For recycling and reuse of waste oil for fuel additives

55g Drum Perforated Steel Collection Lid

Oil collection lid for 55 gallon drums

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This Drum Collection Lid fits a standard 23 5/8″ outside diameter steel drum and designed to keep weather and thieves away from the contents of your drum. The 16 gauge drum lid has a 14 gauge welded metal collection box; OD 12” x 12” x 5” deep which provides plenty of room to easily pour into. 11 gauge 1/2″ perforated steel is welded in the bottom of the collection box.

The 1/2″ round holes are large enough for easy pouring without splashing or clogging yet small enough to filter out larger objects and deter theft. The perforated steel sits approximately 1 3/8″ below the top of the drum to prevent overfilling.
The lid is designed to stay open while pouring but a slight breeze can close the lid if accidentally left open.