Test # GAS-1

Did gasoline end up in a diesel fuel tank by mistake?

If you THINK there is gasoline in the fuel you need to KNOW for sure or risk engine damage. To be 100% sure of contamination with gasoline you must send a sample to our lab. The lab will send you the container and a package to return the sample to them by Priority Mail. Once the lab gets the sample the test is completed and results are emailed to you within 72 hours.

Gasoline in Diesel #GAS-1

Need to check GASOLINE for diesel contamination?

We will send the needed container to you same day priority mail.

You must use UPS or Fed Ex to return the gasoline sample to the lab.

They will email you results the same day they receive it.

The test will determine flammability. If it is out of spec and burns HOT they will indicate that the contaminant is most likely diesel fuel in the gasoline. If the sample burns COLD and out of spec they will indicate the contamination is most likely water and will show the parts per million of water.

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