Cut the cost of oil changes in half.

  • For Pick-up Trucks
  • Model OC-25-Universal for Duramax, Dodge Cummins12-24 valve, Ford 6-7.3 and more


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The complete kit includes the centrifuge, mounting plate, fitting kit, auxiliary air pump and hose.

99% Efficiency at removing oil contaminants down to 1 micron.

Pay with any credit or debit card.

Ten Benefits we can list for using an oil centrifuge‚Ķ…can you name 1 for using your filter!

1. Cleaner oil, GUARANTEED
2. 30-50% longer oil life
3. Longer service intervals
4. Reduces engine wear
5. Long-term preventative maintenance
6. Reduced maintenance costs
7. Cuts waste disposal costs
8. Supports engine technology for the reduction of exhaust emissions.
9. Reduces total cost of ownership
10. Helps ensure clean combustion and fuel efficiency

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Paper Filters

You have an engine in a vehicle or a vessel or generator in an application that is worth $20,000 or maybe $200,000 and you are protecting it with a $8 paper filter?

before and after engine oil cleaning
During this 12,500-mile interval, more than half a pound (8.5oz) of soot could enter the oil.

Your standard oil filter does not catch most of this soot!

According to the SAE, particles as small as 4 microns can cause up to 77% of engine wear.

Today’s engines have what is called a full-flow oil filter. These filters generally filter to 25 microns.

A 25 micron filter is only 80% effective, meaning 20% of particles smaller than 25 microns are NOT held in the filter and go out to wear out your engine.

The Dieselcraft Centrifuge cleans engine oil by generating a centrifugal force which is 2,000 times greater than gravity.

Engine oil pressure spins the rotor.

That force separates the solid contaminates from the main oil supply while slinging the solids to the inside walls of the rotor, which is easily cleaned.

Contaminant particles less than 1 micron are removed, eliminating the wear on close tolerance metal parts.

The Dieselcraft Centrifuge remove dirt and wear particles from the oil flow altogether and remains constant, whereas filters take out solids and hold them from circulating further, but plug, reduce oil flow, and eventually reach the point of not working. In engine applications, oil change intervals using conventional oil can be extended 30-50%.