We are a provider of custom tailored fuel maintenance solutions for diesel fuel tanks.

cleaning and polishing diesel fuel

Typical services include:
Fuel Sampling
Fuel Polishing
Fuel Additive Programs
Fuel & Oil Filtration
Removal of Entrained Water
De-Watering of Storage Tanks
Fuel System Evaluation

Our services are custom tailored for:
Emergency Power Generation Fuel Supply Tanks
Mining, Agricultural and Construction Equipment
Truck and Equipment Fleets
Recreational and Commercial Marine
Industrial, institutional, government and residential heating oil storage

We will listen to your fuel and lube oil concerns, and work with you to provide a solution.
filtered vs not filtered tank bottom samples
The solutions we offer include:
Implementation of a one-time service
Develop and implement a long-term fuel maintenance plan
Provide equipment dedicated to the maintenance of your fuel and fuel system such as:
Stationary automated fuel maintenance systems
High efficiency coalescing filtration capable of water removal to meet or exceed ISO cleanliness levels of 18/16/13 with a water content of less than 0.05%

Dave van Dongen