Want to make black diesel, but don’t have the right filters for it? Here’s what we’ll show you.

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Oil filtering, to remove solid contamination is the most important part of using any Waste Motor Oil,WMO as fuel additive.

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Dieselcraft offers Basic Waste Oil Centrifuge kits for you to build your own system with our guidance or complete PLUG AND PLAY  “Fuel Factory” systems. Our systems will remove contamination from any oil to less than 2 micron making it ready for making Black Diesel from WMO, Waste Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid or Hydraulic Oil or cleaning waste vegetable oil (WVO), for bio-diesel and diesel blends.

These centrifuges generates centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity at 7500 RPM and will clean your oil ten times more efficient than any filter with no on going cost of operation.

Oil filtering has never been so simple.

The Magnum 60 and Dieselcraft OC-50, 108 GPH Basic Waste Oil Centrifuge Filtration Units are the easiest and cost effective way to clean your waste oil.

The basic process:

When building a filtration unit, you will need an open top 55 or 30 gallon steel drum, a centrifuge, a “gear pump” and motor and a drum heater.

Begin by straining your oil to remove the larger particles.

Heat your oil to 150 -180º F with the 1200 watt drum heater.

Pump the hot oil through the centrifuge for two to four hours. After a few hours you will have oil ready for blending.

There are no filters or filter bags to replace – simply clean out the rotor in the centrifuge when it is full.

Used in the alternative fuels market for over 20 years with a 5 year warranty on all centrifuge parts.

Here is oil before and after the centrifuge process on the test paper. 99% of the solids have been removed from 50 gallons of oil. Simple!

  • #1 Good starter option.
  • Magnum 60 Waste Oil Centrifuge @ 60 gallons per hour
  • The flow rate capacity of the oil centrifuge is 1 GPM or 60 gallons per hour. So one 55 gallon drum of oil will take less than 60 minutes to process once at operating temperature. The oil centrifuge at 80 PSI generates a centrifugal force of 3017 G?s Removing solids to less than 2 micron. No filters to buy. You can build a filtration system with this unit. The oil centrifuge will filter waste vegetable oil, Waste Motor Oil, hydraulic oil, and ATF that is heated to over 150 F. To make the system work you need this pump or equivalent: Standard Duty DAYTON Rotary Gear Pump: Carbonator, 1/3 hp HP, 115/230. Item #41TK24 Mfr. Model  41TK24.Includes:
  • 60 GPH centrifuge
  • Control valve
  • Four Hose clamps for 3/8 hose
  • Centrifuge Only Kit Price $298.

#2 Better Starter Option if you have a pump.

  • Centrifuge only kit: 108 gallons per hour Model OC-50
  • Includes:
    Mounting plate for 55 gallon drum side mount or drain pipe mounting
    Control valve with pressure gauge, fittings, ball valve and 10 feet of pressure hose.
  • To make the system work you need a Standard Duty gear pump: DAYTON Rotary Gear Pump: Carbonator, 1/2 hp HP, 115/230 Item 41TK27 Mfr. Model 41TK27  or equivalent that will give you at least 3 gallons per minute at 100 psi. The more flow the pump puts out will be bypassed, meaning a 10 gallon per minute pump will only clean 2 gallon and bypass 8 gallons. Do not get a pump with more than 1/2 HP or you will be breaking things.
  • Call us if you need help.
  • Centrifuge Only Kit Price $649

#3 Best Choice  Model OC-50,
108 gallons per hour package.

Complete System Price $1695
108 gallons per hour centrifuge
Heavy Duty Pump and motor
Mounting plate for 55 gallon steel drum or drain pipe mounting
Control valve with pressure gauge, fittings, ball valve
10 feet of pressure hose.
One suction wand with thermometer
One steel drum heater included. Additional heater add $200
Steel Drum is not included

The Ultimate
Model FF-2
Complete System
216 Gallons Per Hour
Package price $3195.

Complete plug and play Fuel Factory Model FF-2 designed to fit inside and open top steel drum.

In kit form. Some assembly required.

Will process 216 gallons per hour.

2 each Dieselcraft Model 50 High Speed Centrifuges
1 each Control valve assembly with pressure gauge
1 each 1/2 HP 120 volt motor with heavy duty gear pump
1 each On-Off switch and power cord.
2 each 1200 watt 120 volt drum heaters
1 each Suction strainer and steel wand
1 each Thermometer
2 each pour through 200 micron strainers for easy filling
Steel drum is not included
This item has lead time of 3-4 weeks

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We ARE the experts when it comes to centrifuges and waste oil. No one has done it longer.

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