CFC-1000 Self Cleaning Centrifugal Oil SeparatorCFC-1000 Auto Self Cleaning Centrifuge.

Magnum CFC 1000 Continuous Flow Centrifuge

Cleaning rate is 216 gallons per hour

  • Motor is 3 hp 220 volt single phase
  • Rated for continuous duty.
  • Designed to run 24/7 with out anyone in attendance.
  • Controller has safety interface so the cabinet can not be opened with power on.
  • All electronics and timers a HD Allen Bradley or equivalent.
  • Timers are very simple to operate. Set it and forget it.

Shipping weight: 350 pounds

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This unit is fully programmable and self cleaning. Liquid is put through the top via a NPT hole and out via a 2″ NPT port. The bowl spins at 4000 RPM and generates 3000 “G’s”

Flow rates are an indication only and is subjective to the condition of the solution, such as specific gravity, particle size, viscosity, percentage contaminant.

SubstanceFlow Rate GPH
Waste Vegetable Oil: (dependent on the oil being cleaned) 80-400
Engine Oil: 80
Biodiesel: 475
Rape Seed and Canola Oil: 50
Grape Juice/Wine: 1000
Gold and Silver Recovery: 160
Glass Cutting Coolant:150
Grinding Coolant Waste Water:1000
Crude Oil: 475
Vodka Distilling: 630
CFC-1000 Self Cleaning Centrifugal Oil Separator Schematics

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