Comply with EPA guidelines

We can reduce the risk of being fined for improper or illegal hazardous waste management if disposing oil filters improperly.

If you work in a situation where you maintain diesel engines, you likely find yourself burdened with a pile of oil filters every year, all of them filled with sludge and used engine oil.

Used oil filters removed from engines are viewed as contaminated waste by the EPA until they are processed for disposal or recycling, and the EPA has tough regulations about their disposal.

Recycling is the preferred alternative to disposal and using an oil filter crusher makes recycling efforts more productive and less costly. An oil filter crusher presses the filters to 25% of their original size. Because most disposal companies charge a collection and hauling fee for each drum, the more recycled filters you can fit into each drum, them more you’ll save.

How much would you save if you used 50% of the filters each year?  Stop using filters and install a bypass oil centrifuge system and cut the filter cost in half and double the oil life.

Reusable Bypass Oil Filters