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At what temperature does diesel gel up and will it freeze?

At 34°F, you begin to see the start of the gelling process and fuel starts to get cloudy. By 15°F, it gets worse and full on gelling has got you, which will block filters and stop you on the spot. To avoid diesel fuel from gelling is to use an anti-gel fuel additive. Anti-gels drop… Read more »

Dieselcraft Direct Mount Centrifuge for Cummins 855 and KTA19 Engines

New to the market Direct Engine Installations. Centrifuges remove 99% of engine damaging soot. Increase oil change interval 50%. Dieselcraft Cyclone Series Centrifuges have over 5 times the debris-holding capacity of any filters on the market. Why you ask, because the centrifuge removes contaminants from the oil flow all together. Filters take out solids and… Read more »

How to fix fuel with water contamination on a CAT C18 Engine.

The C18 has between 400 and 700 HP so the fuel flow can be between 72 GPH and 126 GPH. The choice of TFP80 from the other manufactures is too small. Based on its size the residence time of the fuel is less than 20 seconds. Our 5×8 because of the design will give 30… Read more »

12 Benefits we can list for using an oil centrifuge.

12 Benefits we can list for using an oil centrifuge…… Can you name 1 for using your filter? Cleaner oil, GUARANTEED. 30-50% longer oil life. Longer full-flow filter life. Longer service intervals. Reduces engine wear up to 50%. Long-term preventative maintenance. Reduced maintenance costs… If you cut oil changes by 33% how much do you… Read more »

My diesel fuel is black. What do I do?

The color of fuel indicates the fuels age. The dark color is coming from Asphaltenes…this takes years to develop. To fix old diesel remove the water first. Once the water is gone he can then filter out the solids. BUT filtering may take LOTS of filters so we are back to how many gallons do… Read more »

The EPA has Tough Regulations about Oil Filter Disposal

We can reduce the risk of being fined for improper or illegal hazardous waste management if disposing oil filters improperly. If you work in a situation where you maintain diesel engines, you likely find yourself burdened with a pile of oil filters every year, all of them filled with sludge and used engine oil. Used… Read more »

Why Fuel Polishing

Fuel polishing is the technical cleaning process used to remove or filter microbial contamination from diesel fuel in storage. It is essentially the removal of water, sediment and microbial contamination. This fuel contamination, also known as ‘fuel bugs’ or ‘diesel bugs’ build up over time in stored fuels if they aren’t tested and treated on… Read more »

Test for DEF fluid in your diesel fuel tank

If things are not running…could it be someone pumped DEF into the fuel tank? Here is how to find out. Diesel Fuel Water or DEF Test #DEF-1 Tests for Water and DEF in All Diesel Fuel Results are immediate. Less than 1 minute Non-toxic and completely safe This test will indicate free amounts of DEF… Read more »

Ford 6.4 Diesel and Dieselcraft OC-25 Reusable Oil Filter

I did a lot of research on bypass filtration, and I never knew anything about centrifuges until recently.  They are way better than “filter element” kits, and Dieselcraft has the most competitively priced system (You could try to piece one together from another source but you will end up paying way more).  This kit is… Read more »

Plugged Fuel Filters and Cannot Solve the Problem?

It is not algae sludge. What is it? Here is one that had a lot of people fooled for a long time. Relatively clear fuel but plugged filters after 2,000 mile in a Class 8 Truck In this case the problem was constant filter plugging with a black colored material. Generally if it is a… Read more »