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Got gasoline in for diesel fuel?

If you THINK you have gasoline in the diesel fuel tank? There is only one way to find out for sure. A simple test from Dieselcraft will tell you in less than one minute if gasoline in in the fuel. If you do not test and continue to run the engine you could kill that… Read more »

How Testing Lube Oil Can Help Your Company Get in Front of Issues

Testing Lube Oil

How often does your company test the oil that you use in your equipment? If you don’t do it nearly enough, you could be putting your equipment at risk. There are all kinds of problems that could arise if you don’t make it a point to test your lube oil. Take a look at how… Read more »

Why you should worry about your generators old diesel fuel.

Unlike a car or truck diesel fuel sits in some tanks for years, because it is stored for emergencies not regular use. Consider these numbers. A generator you want 24 hours of run time.  At full load you burn 20 gallons per hour so, you need 480 gallons in the tank for every 24 hours… Read more »