Understand your diesel fuel could be causing engine problems or will stop everything in the future if you are praying the problem misses you.

Is it “Algae” in the tank now?

Your problem look like this?


Do you have a fuel storage tank with inactive fuel?

Do you have a diesel engine that is plugging filters and losing power?

Are you a hospital with a standby generator?

Are you a Data Center?

Do you have Mission Critical Generators?

Do you have prime or backup power generators?

Are you praying the generator fuel is OK and nothing will happen when we need the generator to start and run for 3 days?

Step One: Try this prayer “God hear the prayers of your people I have put in the dark. Please turn your ear to my cry for help. As I seek you, would you answer and deliver me from all my fears and help me fix the generator that I neglected.”

If Step One fails do the following:

Recognize the diesel fuel algae problem.

Have you been told your fuel storage tanks contaminated with “diesel fuel algae”?

Here are the hard cold facts in the abbreviated form

Your problem is not “algae”. Algae are a pond plant. You do not have a pond plant growing in your tank. The problem is fuel microbes’, most likely bacteria.

Is the fuel dark in color or clear and bright?

Are you sure you have ZERO water in the fuel and on the tank bottom?

Have you ever tested the fuel for microbes?

Here is the test to determine what the problem is…buy the test you need now!

Clarity, Water and Microbe Test

For the chemical treatment to fix the fuel and clean the tank this is the BEST!

Call Dieselcraft for help to keep the problem gone for good.
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