Why Fuel Polishing?

Fuel Polishing Made Simple

Are you tired of your diesel fuel getting contaminated and causing all sorts of problems for your equipment? Our portable fuel polishing system is here to save the day (and your fuel).

Here’s the deal: our system uses cutting-edge filter-less purifier technology to remove 99% of water and solid contaminants from your fuel. That means you’ll have clean, pure fuel flowing through your equipment, which translates to better performance and a longer lifespan for your machinery.

But wait, there’s more! Our system is used by leading data centers like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, as well as the US Government, public utilities, hospitals, and boat yards. That’s because we have the lowest operating cost and best reliability on the market.

Plus, we offer equipment financing and lease options, so you can get the fuel polishing system you need without breaking the bank.

So if you want to keep your equipment running like a dream, give our portable fuel polishing system a try. And don’t forget to ask the competition one simple question: “How do you get the water out?” We’ve been building water separators for 20 years, so we know what works.

Dieselcraft FPS-400 with Filter-Less Purifier Technology . Removes 99% of water and solid contaminates.  This propriety and exclusive fuel purifier is the heart of all Dieselcraft FPS Systems.  It reduces the need for replacement filters which must be changed as they load up. The Purifier has an integral contaminate holding reservoir with a water sensor that requires simple draining when the alarm sounds..

Model FPS-30 Diesel Fuel Polishing System to 10 Microns and up to 1200 GPH

  • 120 volt
  • Removes over 99% of water and solids with no filters to replace.
  • Magnetic Fuel Conditioning fights the bacteria in your fuel.
  • Absolute particle filtration to 2 microns. Six filters included.
  • Dual Filtration allows no stopping to change filters.
  • 2 each 20 foot anti-static suction and discharge hoses.
  • All stainless steel fittings.
  • Digital flow meter.
  • Weight 220 lbs.
  • NEW: Optional Rolling Skid with pre-filter.

15 GPM Budget Portable Diesel Filter System
Model FPS-HC15 120 volt

  • 900GPH
  • 115 volt 60 Hz
  • Dimensions – 23” X 23” X27” tall
  • Removes over 99% of water and solids with our “fuel purifier”
  • Absolute particle filtration to10 microns
  • Epoxy powder coated with rubber feet
  • Two12 foot suction and discharge anti-static hoses included with cam lock fittings
  • 1″ NPT male thread and Fuel Hose Swivel for Fuel Nozzle-Hose 360 Rotating Connector.
  • Sturdy “T” handle for one or two person carry.

Dry Weight 55 pounds

14 GPM Portable Diesel Filter System
Model FPSP14-12V

  • 12 volt DC
  • 30 minute duty cycle
  • On for 420 Gallons then off for 30 minutes
  • Two Stage Filtration
  • Removes water and solids
  • Includes Manual Fueling Nozzle and two 13 ft Hoses

Compact and Economical Diesel Fuel Polishing and Water Removal
Model FPS-CP-3 420 Gallons per hour

economical fuel polishing and fuel water removal 115 volt motor
Filter-less Purifier to removes over 99% of water and large contamination in fuel without filters.
 Water/Debris alarm to indicate time to drain the purifier.

2 each 10 foot suction and discharge hoses included.

The FPS-CP-3 is a basic tank cleaning system designed for the transfer, water removal, polishing and/or re-circulating of diesel fuel in storage tanks in ground as well as above ground. Also for boats, generators and trucks.

The base system utilizes a 7 gallon per minute continuous duty pump in conjunction with a Dieselcraft 5×32 purifier plus and two 10 foot hoses.

Options: Digital Fuel Flow Meter.

Diesel Fuel and Gasoline Tank Cleaning
Model FPS-PW to 3000 Gallons per hour

115 volt motor at 30-50 GPM to pressure cleans the tank walls and filter the fuel

Before you buy the competition ask one simple question
“How do you get the water out?”

Dieselcraft has built water separators for 20 years. We know what is needed and what works. I would not assume others are as knowledgeable as we are.

We offer Equipment Financing and Lease options.

Here is the BEST tan cleaning chemical you can get!

Have less than 100 gallons of fuel and need a quick and simple way to get the water and large solids out?