Different types of centrifuges for waste oil cleaning

Before you buy a table top centrifuge system let’s compare the options.

Dieselcraft Pressure Driven

Flow rate and finished gallons per hour
OC-20 does 50 gallons per hour
OC-50 does 100 gallons per hour

All units are rated for Continuous Use

All units handle Diesel Fuel, WVO, Motor Oil, Biodiesel, ATF, Gear Oil, etc.

Heating the Oil and the reason why:
Oil must be heated before it is processed to break the viscus bond between the solids and the oil and to evaporate or drop out the water.

Dieselcraft supplies a drum heater to perform this task.

Cleaning Power: 2600 G’s

Includes the centrifuge, mounting plate for 55 gallon steel drums, thermometer, heater, suction wand with suction strainer, pump and motor.

Single Pass:
It all depends on the percentage of solids in the oil. No one can claim Singe Pass with out knowing the percent of solids, the oil temperature and the flow rate through the centrifuge.
50 gallons may take 2 hours to get to temperature and run two passes, total time 4 hours.

The supplied pump can be used to transfer the oil form tank to tank and not rely raising the tanks and using gravity to to move it.

Cleaning: If you use a paper liner in the rotor it cleans in 3 minutes and yes all systems are messy to clean.

Repair Parts: Dieselcraft has units that are over 10 years old and still going strong. The ONLY wear part in the centrifuge is the rotor bushings. We have not replaced more that 10 sets in 10 years.

What you get:
Complete Package price of Dieselcraft start at $1295.

 Table Top Gravity Feed

Flow rate and finished gallons per hour
5-10-15-25 gallons per hour

Heating the Oil
Table tops have an inline heater that expects the oil to go from ambient to over 150 in seconds. That is why the process rate varies.

Table Tops: heater is an extra of $300

Cleaning Power: 1200 G’s

Table tops offer a Cleaning Booster to make it clean better?

Single Pass:
50 gallons at 5 Gallon per hour is 10 hours.

Gravity Fed – No Pressure, pumps and expensive fittings to buy. Pumps vs gravity. Somewhere in the process yo will need to pump oil from one location to the other unless you want to use buckets.

No Mess – No messy filters clean to buy, change and monitor. At some point the rotor fills and you are going to reach on and clean it. All systems have a little mess.

Repair Parts: Table tops offer a complete list of repair parts. Some think must be wearing out.

What you get:
Table Tops: $1534+ Heater $300+ Cleaning Booster $100 is over $1900 plus shipping.