Ford 6.4 Diesel and Dieselcraft OC-25 Reusable Oil Filter

I did a lot of research on bypass filtration, and I never knew anything about centrifuges until recently.  They are way better than “filter element” kits, and Dieselcraft has the most competitively priced system (You could try to piece one together from another source but you will end up paying way more).  This kit is meant to fit a variety of truck applications and has the unique ability to sit away from the engine and actually pump oil to wherever it is needed instead of being stuck over a giant drain tube.  With a little creativity it can even be placed in a difficult 6.4 Power Stroke.  Those of you who own a 6.4 know there is absolutely no room to place anything in the engine bay, not even a coolant filter like the 6.0.  However, it is a really good idea to use one of these in the 6.4 because it relies so heavily on a clean oil supply.  The only place where there is room to place the unit without relocating something is in front next to the inter cooler just under the cold side pipe (in front of the radiator).

Otherwise, the next best place is going to be where the vacuum pump is located and the pump itself will have to be relocated.  That is probably not as big of a chore as it sounds though.  It’s just up to the owner, and no matter how big the chore seems, just keep reminding yourself that a new long block from Ford for this truck is about 19,000.00 (before labor).  That would be a tragedy since it is really a good engine if taken care of properly.  I am a 6.4 Power Stroke enthusiast and I know this kit will pay for itself in a short amount of time and filter better than any of the non-spinner competitors can.





Royal Purple