The Best Diesel Fuel Additive… that works to clean the tank.

Does your additive claim it is a premium 6-in-1 diesel additive or is a total injector cleaner and performance improver? Some magically make water burn off, to raise fuel cetane, to solve the gelling problem and more all in one bottle.  The more things it claims to do, the less chance it can actually do any think effectively.

The problems is with formulation physics. Some desired end results will require different treat rates to do what they claim. Changing the cetane and lowering the fuel gel point can be done but, not with the same additive at the same treat rate.

The more specific the product claims, the better chance it’s going to do what it advertises. The more claims made is equal to the number of one time users. A 5-in-1 additives may have 1- in-5 customers using it for a second time. Buy a multi function additive and tell us how many time you have made the second purchase.

Define your problem and buy the product that address that problem…not 5 others.

All that being said, if you have tanks sludge/algae/ fuel bugs in your stored fuel tanks and are clogging filters, this product is the answer.

Do not buy a biocide until after the tank is clean. A biocide is NOT a tank cleaners.

Here is a before and after treatment photo of tank sludge.


Do not waste time searching any further. Available online from Amazon.

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