What is Fuel Polishing & why you need it.

Fuel Fuel Polishing is the removal of water & sediment from diesel, red diesel and bio-diesel.

But you say “ I do not have a water problem” Prove it.

Any fuel with bio-diesel has water in it. If you have changes in temperature you have condensation that is WATER. Do not think that your fuel supplier has delivered 100% water free fuel. Good luck.

Water leads to bacteria contamination, also known as Algae, Diesel Sludge or Fuel Bugs. Bacteria growth creates its own water if allowed to grow.

Polishing is a process of regularly recirculating and filtering ALL the fuel.

Fuel polishing really works. Do nothing and rely on the hope and pray plan or contact Dieselcraft.com

Have less than 100 gallons of fuel and need a quick and simple way to get the water and large solids out?

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