Common Causes of Diesel Engine Failures

 Diesel Engine Failure Do you drive a vehicle, operate a boat or maintain a standby generator with a diesel engine in it? If so, it’s extremely important for you to do everything you can to avoid diesel engine failure. There are a few common causes of diesel engine failure that you should try to steer clear of at all costs. Take a look at them below.


Water is number one. It can get into your tank in several ways; in many cases, it is delivered to you in contaminated fuel. If fuel is contaminated and microbes start to grow then the problem only gets worse. As microbes grow they produce more water. If you allow this water to stick around and it gets into the engine, it can turn to steam in your engine, which can crack your fuel injectors and cause damage to other components. Water can’t hang around for very long without causing problems. Engine damage due to water in fuel is not covered by any warranty.


 Fuel Test Kits Fuel has a shelf life if stored more than 30 days. Even clean diesel fuel out of the pump yesterday can start to degrade as soon as it’s exposed to things like heat, water, and even air. When this happens, it will often start to discolor and muck up your diesel engine system. This takes us back to the water issue. The more water you have the more the microbes grow, eventually clogging filters and stopping the engine all together. Getting rid of these contaminants early will stop this from happening.

Do you suspect the fuel in your diesel vehicle might have contaminants or water? Dieselcraft can provide you with fuel test kits that will help you get ahead of the problem. It’ll allow you to take steps to remedy the issue right away. Call us at 530-613-2150 today to order a fuel test kit.